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Professional Legal Text Books


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Duggan Press has been established to publish high quality practitioners'  Textbooks in the field of Law and Human Resources. The five books below will form the core of its employment library and new editions will be published on a phased basis, and regularly thereafter, so that they remain up to date - see About Duggan Press. Each book is accompanied by a CD which contains relevant precedents and guidance.   
These books are written by a practising QC with over 30 years of experience in employment law and provide real insights into  how the law is applied in practice. There is consistency of authorship which explains the complexity of employment law in an easily accessible and digestible way, as well as providing many valuable precedents and tips on procedures and practice.     
Viewers will have access to  regular briefings on topical issues. A unique case updater for employment law contains the reported cases for the year as well as many unreported cases.
Duggan Press also provides in-house, bespoke and public seminars and lectures.  Please contact us on the Contact Form if you have an interest in booking a bespoke seminar. Public seminars and lectures  will be advertised in the Topic button as they become available.  


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Our Law Books

Unfair Dismissal & Detriment (2nd Ed)
DUE 2018 Unfair Dismissal and Detriment is perhaps the most comprehensive coverage of unfair dismissal law in a text, but it also covers detriments short of dismissal which are often given little coverage. Each area of unfair dismissal law from termination, reasons for termination and remedies are reviewed in detail and the book provides practical guidance as well as precedents. This is an indispensable tool for lawyers and HR practising in this area since it explains how to apply the law on a practical and everyday level.
Contracts of Employment (4th Ed) 2 Volumes
DUE LATE AUTUMN 2017 £250 pre-publication price. £275 after publication. The new edition of Duggan QC on Contracts of Employment is a two volume set which covers all aspects of the employment relationship with precedents for every facet of employment. For not much more than the cost of a billable hour, the practitioner is given access to over 600 pages of practical commentary and over 200 precedents, in hard copy and on disc. This work should be on the desk of every lawyer and HR person who advises on employment issues.
Wrongful Dismissal & Breach Of Contract (2nd Ed)
DUE Autumn 2017 Wrongful Dismissal and Breach of Contract covers all aspects of termination of the employment relationship as well as breaches of contract. As well as providing an in depth analysis of rights and remedies it contains useful precedents and guidance. A new section covers restrictive covenants in even greater depth than the previous edition as well as analysing emerging issues of contractual employment law.
Business Reorganisations Redundancies & Transfers
DUE 2018 - 2nd Edition The second edition of Reorganisations, Redundancies and Transfers (previously called 'Business Reorganisations and Employment Law') considers all aspects of what happens to the employment contract when a business is re-organised. It addresses the practical issues relating to variations of contract, TUPE and redundancies and contains much practical advice as well as precedents. This is an indispensable tool for lawyers and HR practising in this area.
Discrimination Law In Practice
DUE 2019 Discrimination Law in practice will cover all aspects of discrimination and equal pay. This will be a practical text that gives guidance to practitioners on how to deal with all manner of discrimination claims. Together with the other texts on employment law this book completes the comprehensive coverage of the area for the Employment practitioner and HR Specialist. The book will contain precedents and guidance.

To instruct Michael contact his clerks (Jason Drakeford or Andrew Sergeant on 0207 797 8600) Or email clerks@littletonchambers.co.uk


Author Profile

Michael Duggan QC
Michael specialises in commercial, sports,  regulatory and employment law. He regularly appears in the tribunals and EAT as well as County and High Court. He advises on contentious and non contentious matters and deals with all areas of discrimination, wrongful and unfair dismissal, redundancies and dismissals/variation of employment contracts arising out of reorganisations. He has particular experience of large scale wrongful dismissals. commercial agency cases and restrictive covenant cases in the High Court and discrimination, harassment, trade union law including labour disputes and whistle blowing and disability and stress cases in the Courts and Tribunals.
Michael also practices in commercial law including applications for interim injunctions and freezing orders and building and construction law, health and safety, regulatory/disciplinary issues concerning medical profession, sports and financial services professional negligence commercial agency, education including SENDIST.
Recognised consistently by the legal directories, clients favour Michael for his first rate advocacy as well as being an "excellent adviser who will readily go to town on the right case”.  Michael "impresses clients with his excellent preparation and common sense approach”.

Before taking Silk he was singled out as a "leading junior with excellent writing skills” who is "well known for his writings on unfair dismissal issues” and who "combines his commercial and employment based practice with construction law”.

Recent commendations have included:

  • "Has huge knowledge and gives practical advice": Chambers & Partners 2013

  •  "Always willing to go the extra distance and make himself available... He impresses sources with his practical advice and guidance, particularly on wrongful and unfair dismissal cases, and large-scale collective redundancy cases": Chambers & Partners 2012

  • "Thorough, reliable and down-to-earth”: Chambers & Partners 2011
 Since taking Silk in April 2014, the directories have commented:
  • "Stands out for his expertise in complex High Court litigation, including cases relating to restrictive covenants and team moves. He is an expert on all areas of employment law and is particularly strong on wrongful dismissal and discrimination claims."


  • "Good for appellant and high-level work.


  • "He is very client-friendly. He gives clear opinions in the cases he is working on and provides tremendous support."

The full breadth of Michael's practice can only be taken in by reading his full curriculum vitae:



What's New
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This briefing note will provide a synopsis of where we now appear to be, what further outstanding issues may exist and how employers should go about calculating employees’ holiday pay.
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This updater contains all cases between January 2017 to July 2017.
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This briefing note considers the issue in Simpkin v Berkeley Group Holdings PLC of the ability of an employer to have access to private emails sent by an employee on his work email account.
Added: 28.07.2017   |  Tags:  legal news  bulletins  Briefings  Briefings and Bulletins
This briefing note considers the issue of shareholding in restrictive covenants and suggests clauses that would ensure that non-compete restrictions enforceable.
Added: 12.07.2017   |  Tags:  legal news  developments  bulletins  Briefings  Briefings and Bulletins
This briefing considers the recent Court of Appeal decision that reviews when a disclosure will be in the public interest for whistleblowing purposes.
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